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La Cité de l'énergie
At 15 km from Domaine Ste-Flore

Built on a most spectacular site within close proximity to Shawinigan's majestic falls, La Cité de l'énergie will open the doors of opportunity for you to learn all about Shawinigan's daring, 20th century industrial undertakings. Nicknamed the Niagara of the East, Shawinigan, thanks to its numerous and versatile innovative ideas, basked in its role as a key player in this country's industrialization. La Cité de l'énergie, wishing to highlight this proud heritage, invites you to travel along with us through time, explore the many waterways and discover other natural wonders on site like the Des Chutes Park in which you will find many hiking trails leading to the Shawinigan falls.

La Cité de l'énergie also offers you Espace Shawinigan, an art gallery that presents every summer a comptemporary art exhibition in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada.