Lakeside cottages in Mauricie

What's more pleasant than skating with the family on a mild winter day? Skating under the stars! During the winter season, we maintain a skating rink on the lake. Depending on the conditions, the rink is accessible from the end-of-December to mid-March.

People could also go to the Ste-Flore Village outdoor skating rink, located just 1 km from Domaine Ste-Flore. Because it is boarded, the Ste-Flore rink is perfect for hockey lovers.

Note: The skating rink is available only if conditions permit. Lake skating rinks are a lot more difficult to maintain than the ones seated on earth. This is due to the weight of the snow supported by the ice. When there's an important snow accumulation on the lake, the additional weight exercised on the ice causes the underneath water to come up to the surface and to flood the ice. That said, we will do everything that is possible to keep the rink in good conditions, but we count on your understanding.